All of you who are interested in online gambling and want to enjoy blackjack, we have great news. We will present to you online casinos NJ where blackjack has the main role. Here you can play this amazing game, win and have fun doing that. 

If you want to play blackjack online, you need to know a lot of things in order to enjoy it as much as possible. Below, we will reveal all of those things, and we will present to you the best legal online casino sites where you should enjoy it. Without further ado, let’s begin.

Best NJ Online Blackjack Casinos

All we can add here is that online blackjack New Jersey is versatile. This is possible thanks to some of the best casinos available. Here you can check out a short casino review of each brand and see what you can expect and what you are looking at. 

This gambling form is more than just common. These sites will offer you a lot of Blackjack variations, give you bonuses so you can play even longer, and so much more. They are an excellent choice and a choice that has been made by millions. Now you will see why. If you want to know more, you may want to check DraftKings NJ casino and learn about the basics, less-known facts, and more. Anyway, let’s move to the casinos now.

Best casino review

Golden Nugget Casino Review

This right here was one of the best NJ online casinos, and it still is. You are looking at $10 for free when you create an account. But you can also get a 100% bonus match on your deposits up to $1500, which is impressive. The casino will give you 200 free spins you can use on 88 Fortune. This is a popular slot. When it comes to blackjack, you can play all popular variations. You can use any device you like, and yes, you can play live dealer versions as well. 

1. BetMGM Casino Review

The casino has been a well-known place for blackjack players. Here you will get $25 for free, and you can use it on any blackjack variation you like. There is also a massive welcome deposit match bonus. It is a 100% bonus match up to $1000. No need to mention that all other casino games are available, so you can play anyone you want and enjoy online gambling to the max.

2. Caesars Casino Review

As you can assume, we must mention this casino. Here you will get a $200 with a 200% match deposit bonus. But the casino will also reward players with $10 for free as a part of a no deposit bonus. You can use it on most games. Blackjack versions are countless. You can find anyone you like, and there are all popular variations present. There are some rare ones as well. 

3. Bally Casino Review

This particular casino has been a common choice of many blackjack players. Some high rollers prefer playing this game right here. The site will give you a $100 cashback bonus, meaning you can lose this amount, and you won’t have to pay for it. There is also a $30 no deposit bonus. Yes, you can use it on blackjack games. Keep in mind that there are a lot of them so you may want to use the bonus in order to find the one you like.

4. Virgin Casino Review

There are a few perks here. One of the main advantages is the massive number of games available. Some of them are blackjack games. You have all popular, rare and even some interesting versions that are not available anywhere else. 

You will get a $100 cashback bonus as well. This means that you can lose 100, and the casino will pay for the loss, not you. No deposit bonus is available as well. Here you will get $30 for free. This is given to all players who create a new account.

Basic Online Blackjack Rules and Strategy

These days you can play blackjack at sugarhouse casino, Borgata casino or any other. The game is extremely popular. Hence, you can find it at any casino. But you will need to know something about the main rules and the basic strategy in order to play like a pro and have better odds of winning. In this section, we are going to reveal all of these facts, and we will help you learn the basics just so you can maximize your odds and have more fun playing the game you like the most.

Blackjack Rules

The rules of this game are extremely simple. This is one of the main reasons why it is so popular. The rules are the same at any casino in New Jersey, and you can use them for online and real-world gambling. 

Anyway, the goal is to have the sum of cards 21 or as close as possible but washout exceeding the count. All cards ranging between 2 and 10 have values that are based on their face numbers. Aces can have 1 or 11 values. Keep in consideration that the best value will be chosen according to the number that benefits the hand the most. When playing this game, you have to know about a few basic moves.

InsuranceIt is a type of a side bet, and it is only available if the dealer has an up card which is ace. It pays 2:1
StandYou won’t take any additional cards, and you will wait for the next move
HitYou will get another card
Double DownHere, you will double your bet so you can win even more
SplitSplit the hand. Now you will have to play with two separate hands
SurrenderSurrender when you get 2 cards. You will get half of the bet. 

Blackjack Strategy 

Yes, you can use a strategy as in most other games in order to maximize your winnings and have better odds. Here are a few simple options you can use in order to get these perks. 

  • D’Alembert – This is an interesting strategy. You will have to decrease your bet by one every time when you win. But, you will increase the bet every time when you lose. 
  • Martingale – This strategy has been more than just common and popular. You will have to double your bet after each loss. Keep in mind that it can be risky but can help you win more than you may believe.
Choose the casino table games you like

Playing Real Money Blackjack vs Free Games

When you visit NJ online casino, you can see two main types of games. Some are free, and some are not. Some players are confused with these options, and they would like to know more. These are some games that come in different forms. 

The free version means that you can play the game in demo mode. You will use virtual coins, and you will not have to deposit your own funds. This is useful if you want to test the game, see how it works and learn something about the game. Of course, you cannot win real money, and the experience is all about having fun and learning a few things. You can do this for most casino games.

The real money game is different. You will have to deposit funds and place a bet using that money. But you can win real money, which is the main purpose of gambling. This simply means that once you have mastered playing a game for free, you can invest real money and win more. We can only add that both types are commonly played by people online. There is no need to travel, look for accommodation or anything similar. You can play from the comfort of your home.

Blackjack games in NJ online casinos

You may know that each casino will give you a lot of different blackjack games to play. Not all of these are exactly the same. There are some differences. These are basically variations or versions of the main blackjack game that was developed ages ago. You can use a basic blackjack strategy for each one. 

But you still need to know about some differences. Below we will cover the most commonly played variations of blackjack in the world of gambling. You may also want to find out that New Jersey poker sites are popular. The game also has a lot of different versions and variations you may want to learn and enjoy at some point. 

Blackjack Surrender

This is appealing, and we can even add a special version of the game. Here surrender, which is one of the rules and options you have while playing the game, has the main role. In simple terms, players have the ability to surrender and get 50% of their investment back. 

This is done when a player has a bad hand and wants to stop playing in order to prevent further losses. The game is a combination between classic blackjack and a new one.

Blackjack Switch

This version of the game was developed in 2009, so we can add that it is new. The game is similar to an ordinary blackjack with one massive difference. You can cheat in this game. Of course, the rule allows you to do one thing, which is cheating in conventional blackjack. You can switch cards between hands. As such, you can win massive amounts of money.

Live Blackjack

The game here is common in the New Jersey online gambling realm and the one that you will probably like and want to check out. It can be any version of blackjack as long as it is played with the help of a professional dealer. 

You will get the impression that you are in a land-based casino and that you can talk to other players, have fun, and so much more. The dealers are all native-speaking professionals who will help you have fun and enjoy more than you can imagine.

Atlantic City

This version is not very common, but it is very appealing. You can enjoy 3:2 odds when it comes to naturals, and you have the ability to use late surrender while playing. The game is currently popular and offered in Golden Nugget casino.

European Blackjack

Here you will get your face-up card. But you will not look at the second card, which is face down. You can look at it only when you are done with the hand. It is common, and we can even add a more traditional version of the game and the one you will likely want to play at some point.

Perfect Blackjack Pair

This game can be played with 2, 4, or even 5 decks, and it is rather appealing and interesting. The accent is on the side bets, and a player can place up to 5 of them, which is massive. We all know what this means. You can win more in side bets and have even more fun if you understand the game.

NJ Online Blackjack Casinos Tips

Yes, we can help you even more. Today we will share a few tips that you can use on blackjack, and you can use them for two reasons only. You can use these to win, which is a more common option, or you can use them to have more fun. 

It is up to you. But, if you are a beginner and you want to know more, and you want to play better, these tips are essential and something you will definitely need regardless of which NJ online casino you play.

  • Learn The Rules

You can find the NJ online casino and start playing within seconds. But you need to do one thing first. You will have to learn the rules and the basics before you start. This is mandatory, and unless you do this, there is no way you can expect some profit or something similar. NJ online casino can help you that by offering you free games that you can play with virtual money. You can’t win real money, but you can’t lose either.

  • Use Bankroll Management

This particular tip is something you will want to use for all table games, and it works well. To draw attention, we can add that this can make a massive difference between winning or losing. 

The main thing to know is that you need to set the budget for gambling. This is a budget you can afford to lose, and you will use it for a hobby of this kind. It can be any amount of money you are comfortable with.

  • Don’t Drink And Play

Even if you read a casino review that will answer all your questions and prepare you to start playing, you need to know one thing more. Don’t drink and play blackjack or any other game. You will chase your losses; you will want to play much longer than you should, and all of this can mean massive loss. This is something that you can use on all table games and all games in general. It may sound simple and ordinary, but you would be surprised how many gamblers make this mistake.

  • Fewer Decks Is Better

When it comes to table games, fewer can be better. As you can see in the world of blackjack, fewer decks are always a better and more appealing option. It means that you have better odds, and you can play blackjack longer and have more fun. This is actually one of the tips that professional players have been using for ages and the one that can make a massive difference when it comes to choosing the variation of blackjack you will want to play. Yes, versions with mode decks are more thrilling and more appealing for some, but they are also riskier.

  • Use Bonuses

Read the casino review, choose one of the table games you want to play and use bonuses. This is the best and the most generic tip we can give you. This applies to blackjack as well. When claiming bonuses, you have better odds because you can play more with the same amount of money you would normally deposit. 

Bonuses are free money, and as you were able to see, casinos give them for free (no deposit bonus) or as a part of deposit match bonuses. You can use all of them if you want to, and you can benefit from that.

  • Don’t Trust Your Gut

Playing blackjack is not about what you feel and what you expect to get. It is all about a careful strategy, planning and looking at the perfect hand. As such, what you feel can cause loss. On the other hand, you need to calculate your game time, and you need to use all of the tips here in order to win and play this game like a pro.

  • Know When To Stop

In some cases, there is no point in playing the game any longer. You should stop. This is possible and something that expert players have been using for a long time. All we can add here is that chasing your losses is a huge mistake and the one that can cause you to lose even more. Don’t do this. Always play with the money you can afford to lose and always use bonuses, as we have stated above. 


How to win online Blackjack?

The first thing you need to do is to learn the rules. You can also check the casino review and learn where to play the version of the game you really like. Then you can use one of the strategies we have mentioned above. Try to use the one you like the most and the one you are comfortable with. 

Where to play Blackjack online?

This is one of the table games that come with a massive amount of popularity. As such, you can find it anywhere on the web. Keep in consideration that you should play the game at safe and reputable online casinos. Try to find one that will give you the most bonuses so you can play much longer and win more. 

Can I play free online blackjack with other players?

This will depend on the New Jersey online casino where you want to play. In most cases, you will play versus a computer. There are some games that will allow you to do this, but they are not as common as demo versions. The point is the same, and these are used to help you have fun and learn how to play Blackjack.