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Are you looking for the ultimate online craps in New Jersey where you can enjoy, have fun, and win big time? If the answer is yes, then you are ready to start your quest. Below we will see all the main elements you need to know. We will cover every online casino in New Jersey and tell you about the perks, great things, and all the rest you can get there. All of these casinos are safe, fair, and they have been offering stunning bonuses. There is no need to add that these online craps games are tested, and you will enjoy them at fully licensed online casinos that also come with many more games.

How is playing Craps online different?

When it comes to New Jersey online craps, there are not many differences compared to land-based games. For instance, we can see the same rules, elements, and all the rest. The only major difference is that in land-based casinos or in real life, you will have a shooter who will throw the dice. In an online form or when using online gambling apps NJ, this is done by a computer. The only exception is a live version of the game where you have a professional dealer throwing the dice. There is one more difference. In the real world, you can place bets that are $10 or higher. In online games, you can bet as low as $1.

All we can add here is that New Jersey online craps are identical to the game you can play in the real world. They have the same rules, and except for the virtual element, they are the same. Yes, you can still bet on yourself or the house, and you can win big.

What casinos in New Jersey offer online craps?

Yes, online craps New Jersey is a popular choice for us many, and there are a lot of places or, better said, websites where you can play this game. Here we have the casinos that have been offering great Craps for a long period of time, and that is ideal for you. All of them have tons of games, which makes them even more appealing. Craps games are just a small offering of what these casinos have.

DraftKings Casino

The best NJ online craps are here. You can place a bet of up to $2000, which is impressive. You will also get a match deposit offer of up to $2000 (it is a 100% bonus match), and the casino will give you $60 for free. Playing online craps is safe, appealing, and can be very profitable.

Virgin Casino

The casino will give you a rebate which is $100. You can also get $30 for free as a no deposit bonus. The game you will play is provided by Gamesys, and it is one of the most popular craps games out there. The RTP is high, and it varies, but we know it is between 83.33% and all the way up to 98.64%.

Bally Casino

The game here comes from Roxor Gaming, another popular version. You can place any bet between $0.10 and $1900. The casino also gives you a $100 risk-free bonus and offers tons of other games and promotions you will want to use. All we can add is that the online craps NJ are spectacular here.

BetMGM Casino

The casino offers you a match deposit bonus of up to $1000. There is also no deposit bonus which is $25. We liked the version of the game, which is made by Evolution gaming. The RTP here is over 99% which is impressive. Craps games generally have a very high RTP, which is something players appreciate.

Tropicana Casino

The casino gives you a rebate of $100, which is decent. You can play a game developed by Gamesys and the maximum bet here is $50. The game is ideal for beginners and those who want to master the game and learn how to play it as quickly as possible.

Borgata Casino

The same games as at BetMGM are available here. The casino also gives you a 100% bonus match up to $1000 and an additional, no-deposit bonus of $20. All we can add is that this online craps casino is special and has craps you will want to play.


Here, you can claim 25 free spins for free and get a 100% match deposit bonus of up to $1000. The craps game is developed by Evolution Game, and it is a first-person game, which makes it very appealing.

Pala Casino

The casino here is a bit different. You can play a game which is similar to the one from NYX Gaming and you can place up to $500 high bets. The game focuses on high rollers who place high bets and want to win big.

Can I play online craps for real money?

As you were able to see, these craps games are special, and there are a lot of them. In general, you can play most of them for free or for money. The free games are called demo games. The actual money games are full games that can help you win money and enjoy even more. Make sure you pay close attention to the online casino promotions NJ to win more and get more funds to play craps without making your investment higher. All of these casinos offer craps, where you can win money within seconds.

Online craps games in New Jersey

Thanks to the division of gaming enforcement and the fact these casinos offer craps, you can find all variations you can imagine at these casinos. Below is a table with all the main elements you need to know about and where you can see which games are available, bets you can place, and so much more. In general, these should help you find the perfect game for you.

CasinoGame ProviderRTP of the gameMax Odds timesLowest Bet in $Highest Bet in $
Virgin CasinoGamesys83.33% – 98.64%6150
Tropicana CasinoGamesys83.33% – 98.64%6150
DraftKings CasinoDraftKings83.33% – 99.73%612,000
Pala CasinoNYX Gaming83.33% – 98.64%21500
BetMGM CasinoEvolution Gaming83.33% – 99.17%0.50
PartyCasinoEvolution Gaming83.33% – 99.17%0.50
Borgata CasinoEvolution Gaming83.33% – 99.17%0.50
Bally CasinoRoxor Gaming83.33% – 99.73%60.101,900

Using online casino bonuses for craps

Yes, you should use these bonuses, and you should aim to claim as much of them as possible. The bonuses will give you more funds to play with, and they can help you have a great time at a lower investment. At the same time, you can use most of the bonuses for other games if you want to play them. In most cases, these casinos will give you no deposit bonuses and match deposit bonuses. The first is given when you create an account, and there is no need to deposit any funds. You can use the money to play craps. The second option is used when you deposit funds, and you get a match bonus from the casino. You can use it for Craps as well.

Keep in mind that you will have to meet wagering requirements when using these bonuses. They vary, and there are a lot of variations. Wagering requirements refer to the number of times you have to bet your bonus in order to be able to withdraw it.

Playing craps on a casino app

Yes, you can do it, and you should if you like playing casino games via a phone. All you have to do here is to download and install the app. These are available for iOS and Android devices. Once done, you can create an account, use the bonuses within the app and play craps. Keep in mind that some casinos also allow you to use a web browser such as Chrome or Safari to play these games. These casinos have mobile-friendly designs.

How to play craps

There are two rounds in the game. The first one is the come-out roll, and here you need to decide if will you play without or with the table. You will have to place the bet on the table. If the dice shows 4-10, that number will actually become a point. Then you will see another step of the game, and you will have the ability to place other bets. You can make a lot of bets that will help you win. Below we will reveal those bets.

  • Pass line – if the outcome is 1 or even 11 you will win. If the outcome is 12, 3, or 2 you will lose.
  • Don’t pass line – This is a completely opposite bet than the first one we have here. If you win on the first role 2-3 you will win the bet. You lose if it ends up at 7 or 11.
  • Come – This is the same thing as a Pass line bet, but only once the dice has the point!
  • Don’t come – After a dice has the point, they don’t pass the line bet will become available.
  • Hard 4 – You will win only if you get two 2s before 3/1, 1/3, or 7. The winning payout is 7:1.
  • Hard 6 – You will win if you land two 3s before the 6 or 7 combo. The payout is 9:1.
  • Hard 8 – You win if you land two 4s before 8 or 7. The payout is 9:1.
  • Hard 10 – The winning payout is 7:1.. You will win if you land two 5s before the total count of 7 or 10.
  • Place bet – You will pick a number, which can be anywhere between 4 and 10. You will win if you land it before 7. Different payouts are present.
  • Lay bet – A completely opposite to placing bets. You can get winnings up to 5:11, but the most common are 7:5.
  • Field – Only one roll bet. You will win if the shooter lands the dice on 2-12. If you get 12 or 2 you will get bonus money.
  • Any craps bet – The payout is 8:1, and you will bet on 2, 3, or 12 numbers.
  • Aces – It wins on two 1s. The payout is massive, up to 30:1.
  • Ace-deuce – Payouts here are high as 16:1. It is one roll bet and winnings are on 1/2 or 2/1.
  • Yo/eleven – You can win on a 6/5 or even 5/6 roll. Winnings are 16:1 at best.
  • Midnight – It will win the roll of 12. Payouts can be as high as 33:1.
  • Big red – One roll bet as you may know on 7. The payout is 4:1.

Top tips for online craps

When you play craps online, you will want to know something about the tips that can help you have more fun and win more at the same time. Below we have the most essential tips that will help you. Keep in mind that we have decided to present to you all the best and the simplest tips put there, and now you can use these to your advantage.

  • Learn first – The first thing you will want to do is to learn how the game works and which bets you can place. You can play a demo game in order to learn that, and it is a top tip here.
  • Don’t try too much – Although you can see a lot of different bets here, there are two main ones. Pass the line and don’t pass the line. Place one of these bets most of the time, and you will be fine. Don’t be focused on other bets too much.
  • Play with the money you can afford to lose – This is a generic tip that will help you never end up in debt. Always play with the money you can afford to lose. This is used for all types of betting and can be implemented in all casino games.
  • Check RTP – All craps options we have revealed have high RTP but not the same. Play the one that has the highest RTP, and you will have the best odds of winning. Check out live dealer craps as well.

Craps FAQ

Can I Play Craps on the web for Free?

Yes, you can play these in the demo version. It is completely free, and you will learn the game, and you will be able to master it before you deposit your money.

What is the Major Difference Between Online Craps and Live Craps?

Online versions are played in virtual form. You don’t have a professional shooter throwing the dice. This is done by a computer. In the live version, you have a real person who will throw the dice.

Is There a Winning Online Craps Strategy?

There are many strategies. But, as with all other casino games, there is no single one that will guarantee you the winnings. Make sure you use our tips from above, and you will have the best odds.