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Poker is a game that has evolved significantly over the years. Today, it is a popular mainstream gaming experience enjoyed by many people, thanks to the rise of online poker. However, the future of poker is still uncertain. Here are some possible trends that could change the game of poker forever.

1️⃣ Legalization of Online Poker in More States ⚖️

Online sports betting has already been legalized in 36 states, and certain other types of online gambling are now legal in 16 states. Unfortunately, online poker lags behind, with only six states allowing residents to play online. However, as gambling legislation continues to warm up to other types of gambling, more states are likely to legalize online poker.

2️⃣ Cryptocurrencies as a Payment Option 💲

More companies have started accepting certain types of cryptocurrency as legitimate payment methods. The online poker industry has also begun to allow customers to use cryptocurrency for faster deposit and withdrawal times, lower fees, and more secure transactions.

3️⃣ Responsible Gaming Resources 💫

As society becomes increasingly aware of mental health issues and addiction, more poker sites will start offering resources to ensure that players can manage their time playing online effectively. This may mean voluntary opting out, installing spending or time limits, or offering other tools to ensure responsible gaming.

4️⃣ Virtual Reality (VR) Poker 👓

VR has had a significant impact on online gaming, and the online casino industry has started to offer players the chance to play their favorite casino games, including poker, in virtual reality. As standalone, wireless VR devices that offer a console- or PC-like experience become more common, it is likely that VR poker rooms will become a possibility.

5️⃣ Mobile Poker 📱

Smartphones and tablets have become popular devices for playing digital poker games online. Although they may not offer everything a PC or laptop can offer poker players, their benefits make them an excellent alternative for most poker players.

6️⃣ New Poker Variants 💡

As people grow tired of traditional formats like Seven Card Stud and Omaha, it is likely that inventive players will introduce new variants to help spice up the poker scene. These new variants may even replace the current king of poker, Texas Hold’em.

7️⃣ Poker as a Sport ⛳️

Some members of the poker community are pushing for poker to become an official sport, just like chess. With the increasing popularity of esports and the inclusion of esports in the official Olympics Esports Series, poker may eventually make the leap to becoming an official sport.

📍 Conclusion

The rise of online gambling has changed the future of casinos and poker games. As technology advances, more live dealer games and new gaming developments will help bridge the gap between the real and virtual casino experience. Although the future of poker is uncertain, these trends could significantly impact and shape the future of the game.