Kevin Hart and DraftKings Launch “Hart-Race Hold’em” at NJ Online Casino 👬

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DraftKings and Kevin Hart have teamed up to launch a new personalized Texas Hold’em-themed game, “Hart-Race Hold’em,” exclusively available at the NJ online casino for players aged 21 and above in New Jersey.

📋 Instructions for Playing Hart-Race Hold’em at DraftKings

Hart-Race Hold’em, available exclusively at DraftKings, offers a unique gameplay experience with comedian Kevin Hart as the dealer who goes all-in every time.

  • Playear are presented with two choices: fold and surrender their bet or call and aim to double up.
  • Hart narrates one-liners on every street during the five-card runout, leading up to the best five-card hand winning.
  • Players can also earn bad beat bonuses, such as losing to a four-of-a-kind or better, aces full, or any other full house, and double their money with a win.
  • The game starts with a tuorial to ensure players fully understand the rules and enjoy the experience.

🌟The Game Features of Hart-Race Hold’em

📌 Feature💡 Description
Play against Kevin Hart“Hart-Race Hold’em” is a personalized Texas Hold’em-themed game that offers a unique and exciting gaming experience. Players can enjoy a one-on-one heads-up version of Texas Hold’em against an animated Kevin Hart, the dealer who goes all-in every time.
More than 1,100 unique sayingsPlayers can enjoy over 1,100 humorous one-liners and competitive jabs from Kevin Hart himself. These unique sayings provide a dynamic and entertaining gaming experience for both casual and serious poker players.
Custom-designed backgroundThe game showcases Kevin Hart’s love for poker and comedy with a custom-designed background featuring a fictional “DK Comedy Club”. The marquee reads, “Playing Tonight! Kevin Hart”. This feature adds a personal touch to the game, making it more engaging and immersive for players.

🏅 New Jersey is an ideal market for game debuts

It’s no wonder that DraftKings has chosen New Jersey as the perfect market to debut this new game, as the state is the most established online casino market in the US, and remains a litmus test for the rest of the country. Furthermore, Kevin Hart’s continued active role in the DraftKings partnership, as a prominent spokesperson and participant in branded and exclusive events, only adds to the game’s appeal.

🔝 Hart Continues Taking an Active Role in DraftKings Partnership

Kevin, a well-known comedian and successful entrepreneur, has remained heavily involved in his partnership with DraftKings. Since joining the team in the past year, he has served as a prominent spokesperson for the DraftKings sportsbook throughout the 2022 NFL season. His role culminated in a Super Bowl commercial featuring numerous other sports and entertainment industry stars. With his broad appeal and entrepreneurial acumen, Hart is a crucial asset to DraftKings and is poised to continue playing a pivotal role in the company’s future endeavors.

🤔 What’s Next for Kevin Hart and DraftKings?

As a successful entrepreneur with multiple interests, Hart’s creativity knows no bounds. His new DraftKings game is only the latest proof of that. Given his track record of innovation and success, the possibilities for what he might come up with next are endless. One thing is for sure, though: the future of Hart-Race Hold’em and Kevin Hart’s potential is bright.